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  • Does Everything Voiceover offer classes?

    Everything Voiceover is only able to offer classes in NYC at the moment. Email if  you're interested. There will be webinars in the future.

  • Do you recommend any pay-to-play sites?

    Certain sites, yes. It all depends on what you are looking for. For a beginner with a studio. Voice.com may be a good fit.

  • Should I move to NYC or LA?

    NYC and LA are the primary spots for agency union work. To reach the highest

    paying gigs, NYC and LA is the place to be. Before you head out, your practice ground is the pay-2-play sites. Start training!



Basic Overview of Audacity (VIDEO)

About the Author

                            - Justin D. Torres is professional voice over artist working out of New York City. He

                            has over 300 five star reviews on Voices.com.  He's the founder and creator of

                            Everything Voiceover and loves helping people with VO.

Justin D. Torres

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What is Everything Voiceover?

The voiceover over industry has become a bit of a

mystery.  Creator, Justin D. Torres, wanted to create

a site that would have up to date information on all

things voiceover. From podcasts to articles, from how

to's to classes, Everything Voiceover is a learning tool

for anyone interested in this amazing industry.

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