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The home studio could be a serious money sink. Make sure you're paying for quality products that are meant  for voiceover.

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Review: (VIDEO)
Revised Review of VoicesUS.com

VoicesUS.com is a profile directory site that, for a payment, places your voice over profile and demos up on their site. Check out the VIDEO to see the full review!!

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Everything Voiceover reviews Voice123, a pay 2 play site that promises to get voice over jobs to vo talent but falls short in many other places. Justin D. Torres will give you all the info on what's good and bad with this site.



Everything Voiceover reviews Voices.com. Everything from amount of voice over jobs, pay, customer service, to escrow payments, Justin D. Torres will give you the lowdown on this great site.


The Voice Realm

Everything Voiceover Reviews The Voice Realm, a newer pay 2 play site that has great voice over auditions and customer service and a few features that push it ahead of the pack.


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The Everything Voiceover Podcast: Episode 04

Voices.com Vs Voice123

The Everything Voiceover Podcast: Episode 05

The Power of Positivity

The Everything Voiceover Podcast: Episode 06

Using The Body


The Logitech G13 Gamepad

The Logitech G13 is a gaming peripheral that is PERFECT for voice over actors who do all their editing and submitting. If you're a voice actor, this G13 will give you a great edge!


Kaotica Eyeball (VIDEO)

The Kaotica Eyeball is a foam ball that surrounds your microphone. Does it help keep out the sound? Check out the video to find out!


Floreon BM-800

This microphone is so bad. So very very, very bad.   Makes you wonder why they call it the "BM".


  • Does Everything Voiceover offer classes?

    Everything Voiceover is only able to offer classes in NYC at the moment. Email if  you're interested. There will be webinars in the future.

  • Do you recommend any pay-to-play sites?

    Certain sites, yes. It all depends on what you are looking for. For a beginner with a studio. Voice.com may be a good fit.

  • Should I move to NYC or LA?

    NYC and LA are the primary spots for agency union work. To reach the highest

    paying gigs, NYC and LA is the place to be. Before you head out, your practice ground is the pay-2-play sites. Start training!



The Roland Quad-Capture

Preamps! What the heck are they and why do I need one?


The Blue Yeti Blackout Microphone

Great Price and a pretty darn good microphone with a lot of interesting bells and whistles.


Voicezam The App for Demos

Voicezam has been getting a lot of press lately. Everything voiceover took an in depth look at this interesting app.

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