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Questions about voice over software or home studio setup?  Trying to figure out how to attack those voice over auditions?

Want to make a voice over demo, get an agent, get voice over work, and narrate audiobooks?

Everything Voiceover has tutorials, videos, and articles that will teach you "How To" improve in voice over acting.


How To:

Render Regions in Reaper

How To:

Use Hotkeys To Speed Up Auditions

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How To:

Proper Voice Over Mic Placement

You bought a $600 voice over microphone, now where do you put it. Everything voiceover has you covered.

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How To:

Downloading Audacity (Video)

In our video series, we take the first step in getting you the free software which you will use in beginning your journey into voice over.

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The Everything Voiceover Podcast Logo

The Everything Voiceover Podcast: Episode 04

Voices.com Vs Voice123

The Everything Voiceover Podcast: Episode 05

The Power of Positivity

The Everything Voiceover Podcast: Episode 06

Using The Body


  • Does Everything Voiceover offer classes?

    Everything Voiceover is only able to offer classes in NYC at the moment. Email if  you're interested. There will be webinars in the future.

  • Do you recommend any pay-to-play sites?

    Certain sites, yes. It all depends on what you are looking for. For a beginner with a studio. Voice.com may be a good fit.

  • Should I move to NYC or LA?

    NYC and LA are the primary spots for agency union work. To reach the highest

    paying gigs, NYC and LA is the place to be. Before you head out, your practice ground is the pay-2-play sites. Start training!


How To:

Make Your Own Voice Over Demo

INSANE. Crazy! Unheard of.  Be forewarned. This is only for the seasoned voice artist. If you've produced  a lot of voice over work,  have access to the finished voice over jobs,  you may be able to pull it off.

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How To:

Contact New Voice Over Clients

Clients are where your money comes from--there ain't no way around it. But as an entrepreneurial business person looking to expand your voice over  reel or client roster, you may have to find them yourself.

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What is Everything Voiceover?

The voiceover over industry has become a bit of a

mystery.  Creator, Justin D. Torres, wanted to create

a site that would have up to date information on all

things voiceover. From podcasts to articles, from how

to's to classes, Everything Voiceover is a learning tool

for anyone interested in this amazing industry.

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