Before You Go On Vacation Do THIS!!!!

1) Two weeks before you go. Create an audition template called "Going on Vacation" and add a note on the top of your standard template stating your time frame you’ll be unavailable. Be sure to list the day before you travel as the start date---I know it sucks to curtail job opportunities and you’d rather pack ‘em all in, but realistically, ya can’t.


2)  If you have repeat clients:  make sure they know at least a week before that you are heading out and specify the time you DO have to get their jobs done. Clients love it when you communicate and keep them informed. As they know your availability, they then will have the chance to book you for gigs that may be on their back-burners.


3)  If you're vacationing in a major city, investigate possible VO recording options and production studios---contact them before you head out. You may land a great job while on vacation, and that research will allow you to take the gig!


4)  Make sure to set up a vacation responder for the day you leave.  An automatic responder announcing that you will be unavailable for recording until your return date will keep you from misrepresenting your availability for any clients that contact you during your downtime---it also helps you keep your mind out of the studio!


5)  Arrange the completion of your current working jobs at least 2 days before you leave. Additionally, tell those clients that you will be available for pickups/corrections for only one pre-designated day.  Your clients will appreciate the communication and respect you for running your business well.


6)  If you book a job on the day before you leave, be clear about your availability and pickups schedule BEFORE you accept the job.  It may cost you the job, but it would be worse if you couldn't complete the job.  Another option in this situation is to offer multiple takes of the job, or to have them call in to make SURE they get what they need in the timeframe that you can offer.


Do all of these tasks before you leave on vacation and set your business up for repeat clients and successful jobs.  And give yourself time to relax---You’ve earned it!


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                            - Justin D. Torres is professional voice over artist working out of New York City. He

                            has over 300 five star reviews on Voices.com.  He's the founder and creator of

                            Everything Voiceover and loves helping people with VO.

Justin D. Torres

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