JDT Voiceover is a voiceover production studio located in New York City,  offering a comprehensive list of voiceover services

to clients around the globe.


JDT Voiceover is celebrating is fifth year in the voiceover business, and has received over 350 five star reviews from former clients, available for review in the in the *testimonials section*.

What Makes Us Different?

We provide one of the fastest turnaround times in the business, with standard edited product return within 24-hours.  We also specialize in voiceover replacements, so you can maintain your current video and commercial content while adding an updated professional voiceover.



Our Vision

To provide Fortune 500-level professional voiceover services to growing and startup companies, in an effort to grow together in business capitol expansion and outreach.



About Us



Justin D. Torres

Creative Director

Justin D. Torres, founder of JDTVoiceover.com, has been providing voiceover for clients  for the past ten years.

He's also a creator of the popular educational

 voice over website, Everythingvoiceover.com

Dana Aber

Production Manager

In addition to being a vital part of JDT Voiceover, Dana has been producing theatre all over New York with her production company, Big Thunder Productions.

Kevin Kaw

Sound Consultant

Kevin Kaw is a master sound engineer in the booth. Specializing in both music and voiceover, Kevin provides the production sound you need.